One Hel of an Impact

In 2020, Helsinki is a city full of people, actions and encounters that make an impact.

This website introduces the results of almost a year-long branding process. Welcome along!


City brand... what's that?

The word brand becomes easier to understand if you replace it with the word reputation. Reputation is what the city brand is all about.

The reputation of a city cannot be created by marketing or communications only. A reputation is the result of concrete and true actions, experiences and encounters. The real essence of the city and the impact it has on people.

The goal of the Brand New Helsinki project was to define a shared vision for a future Helsinki 2020. The vision helps us to make the right decisions and strengthens all the good things that make Helsinki unique.

Thousands of people participated in the brand work. We researched, analysed, brainstormed, debated and built our vision of a future Helsinki.

Next, take a look at the four cornerstones and the core of the Helsinki brand.


Jussi Hellsten



Transforming Helsinki

Transforming Helsinki

In the future, competitive cities need an excellent infrastructure and services and the ability to keep up with rapid change.

Helsinki is undergoing a significant, even historic transformation. This opens brilliant opportunities for new actions and ideas.


Helsinki is one of the fastest-growing and developing cities in Europe. Helsinki is a place where change is evident. Ambitious regional development projects are under way in the city and its economic structure is being actively developed. The cityscape is increasingly international.

As the number of population increases, the average age of inhabitants decreases. Young people and families in particular are interested in a high quality of life and want the opportunity to make an impact on their surroundings. Changes are often initiated by locals who wish to develop the city they live in.

Transformation and the opportunities it brings form one of the four cornerstones of the Helsinki brand. It makes us interesting and gives Helsinki a competitive edge.

Jussi Hellsten

Jussi Hellsten

Jussi Hellsten


Smart and Functional Helsinki

Smart and Functional Helsinki

When we take excellent care of quality of life and public services, Helsinki can foster the world’s most alluring knowledge hubs, an attractive business scene and the world’s most advanced forms of daily life.

For some time, Helsinki has already been setting a great example in developing urban infrastructure and public services. We are visionary doers. The level of know-how and education in Helsinki are world-class. Our other strengths include a flat hierarchy, close networks and flexible cooperation between businesses and universities.


Helsinki is a smart, safe and compact city where we design modern urban life together. Helsinki is a pioneer in user-inspired design and the use of open data.

A smart and functional Helsinki forms one of the cornerstones of the Helsinki brand. We have to deliver on this if we wish to become one of the world’s best cities.

Jussi Hellsten

Jussi Hellsten

Jussi Hellsten

Jussi Hellsten


Fascinating contrasts of Helsinki

Fascinating contrasts of Helsinki

Helsinki has a unique, recognisable style and atmosphere that we inhabitants can be proud of. We don’t want to be overly polished, inauthentic cosmopolites – we have an edge. This is why the Helsinki brand also has its rugged side and a feel of vibrant reality to it.


Helsinki is a city of fascinating contrasts. What other capital city offers pulse and peace just around the corner from each other? Helsinki is filled with a surprising number of intriguing contrasts such as light summers and dark winters, nature and urban city, science and arts.

Helsinki’s fascinating contrasts form the third cornerstone of its brand. Contrasts are what our city is known for.

Lauri Rotko

Eetu Ahanen

Mikael Ahlfors


Unique and diverse Helsinki

Unique and diverse Helsinki

Helsinki is a city where diversity is valued. Here everyone can be themselves, no matter who they are.


Helsinki is known for its creative atmosphere and strong culture of experimentation that invites everyone to participate. For this reason, new and unexpected phenomena tend to spring up in Helsinki. Innovations and an utterly unique urban culture flourish here. The best ideas spread far and wide into the world from here.

Uniqueness and diversity form one of the four cornerstones of the Helsinki brand. These are the characteristics we are known for. However, they are not enough to make Helsinki stand out – our brand still needs a strong and unique core.

People with impact..

Actions with impact..

Encounters with impact..

One Hel of an Impact

One Hel of an Impact

In the future, Helsinki will be known for its people, actions and encounters that make an impact.

Our future vision “One Hel of an impact” is not a slogan but an attitude that challenges everyone to think big. It encourages us to take exceptional actions that have a major impact and draw global attention.

In the future, Helsinki wants to be the most attractive city for people and companies that work for a better world. At the same time, we want to make life increasingly smooth, comfortable and fun. The reputation of Helsinki is built by us, all the inhabitants of Helsinki. We are people whose passion is to solve meaningful problems and create the world´s most advanced everyday life.

By combining these two actions, Helsinki has a unique opportunity to distinguish itself from other cities. Helsinki is a city of good deeds.

For a better world

The Helsinki brand concept is not only about what the city is today. It looks into the future and what we want to become. What do we want Helsinki to be known for in 2020?

Our “One Hel of an impact” attitude leads us to take impactful action for a better world. To achieve this goal, brave and visionary actions are required both from city´s inhabitants and the city organisation itself. Building a city with an impact is a change manifesto in which everyone can participate. In Helsinki, anyone can make an impact with everyday actions or world-class revolutionary ideas. In Helsinki, you can do good deeds.

People whose passion is solving meaningful problems and creating the world's most advanced way of daily life.