We want to tell the world about our great city and our “One Hel of an impact” attitude. We want people to remember Helsinki for its people, encounters and actions that make an impact.

The City of Helsinki marketing strategy is to highlight the things that are special and memorable about Helsinki. Our city is known for its fascinating contrasts, uniqueness and diversity. We emphasise the transformations, growth and collaborations taking place in Helsinki, and our highly developed infrastructure and services. We want to show how our city and its people make good things possible – and make good things happen.

Our future vision of Helsinki is exciting and unique. How we communicate it must be inspiring. We want to help accelerate the encounters and actions that can make an impact. We want to improve our communications so that people can find leisure activities and public services more easily. This can also strengthen local pride, help us find more excellent brand ambassadors and uncover more fascinating stories. Of course, the City organisation will also take action. We organise and support events and happenings of all shapes and sizes that have a positive impact on the community locally, and resonate globally.

Marketing for citizens

Marketing for citizens is primarily for people that live in Helsinki.

Our goal is to inspire and support people to keep on making an impact – in their work and leisure time. Together, we want to co-create a more attractive city and positively contribute to local and global well-being. In Helsinki, you can do good things!

Economic development marketing

Helsinki’s transformation and growth, and our infrastructure, attitude and expertise, make the city attractive to businesses that want to make an impact.

By 2020, we want Helsinki to be widely recognised as an internationally significant centre of expertise that drives well-being through innovative design, clean technology and digitalisation. We want to be the most attractive city for people and companies that are striving for a better world.

The competence clusters built around our key business sectors are bustling with inspiring collaborations and entrepreneurial spirit. Helsinki’s unique characteristics nurture interdisciplinary, agile businesses that attract companies, talent and investors from all over the world.

Helsinki has an extremely well-functioning business environment, with one of the most talented workforces in the world, and an impressive track record of investment in R&D. It’s also a clean, stable and secure region with a very high standard of living.

Travel and event marketing

Our travel and event marketing activities highlight different people’s experiences of Helsinki, to encourage more visitors from near and far.

Helsinki is a city of fascinating contrasts. Pulse and peace, cityscapes and nature, our warm summers and mystical winters: they all help create Helsinki’s unique vitality. This energises Helsinkians to create all kinds of urban phenomena, citizen initiatives, events and happenings.

Our strategy for travel and event marketing is to highlight all that is unique about Helsinki: our urban coastline, closeness to nature and its resources; our urban culture of doing and sharing; the magical blend of design, art and science; and, of course, our advanced everyday life. In the future, we will also draw more attention to seasonal contrasts and Christmas.

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