How was our brand concept created?

The Brand New Helsinki project began in June 2015 and took around ten months to complete.

The city branding project was designed to ensure that Helsinki’s brand concept and marketing strategy would seamlessly support each other. The Brand New Helsinki research and collaboration is only the beginning. With support from the City, it is people, encounters and concrete actions that will grow the Helsinki brand concept and realise our shared vision for Helsinki 2020.

The work began in the summer of 2015 with our partner, Kuudes, the strategic brand design agency. We made several research studies, interviewed dozens of opinion leaders, and compared Helsinki to sixteen other city brands worldwide. After the summer, we brainstormed the Helsinki brand vision in five workshops with various stakeholders.

We studied and analysed:

79 tutkimusta ja raporttia
40 kokemuskarttaa
30 asiantuntijahaastattelua
18 ohjausryhmän ennakkotehtävää
16 kilpailujakaupunkianalyysia

Four draft concepts

In the autumn, our vision for the Helsinki city brand was crystallised into four draft concepts.

These drafts served as hands-on tools that enabled us to validate ideas and possible visions for Helsinki’s future city brand. The draft concepts were assessed and cultivated in eight workshops, nine events and, of course, on the project website, where more than 1,800 visitors participated in their evaluation. Overall, thousands of people participated in the project.

We evaluated the draft brand concepts in workshops, events and online:

350+ haastateltua osallistujaa
10 esitystä
4000 blogikävijää / kk
8 hengen poikkitieteellinen tiimi
8 työpajaa

One concept

In January 2016, we summarised the results of our work in the “One Hel of an Impact” brand attitude and with our four brand cornerstones.

Download the pdf here.